Biography of Famous Vegetarians Adolf Hitler

About the famous German vegetarian and leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler., history and biography of the man.

ADOLF HITLER. 1889-1945. German.

--Imprisoned in 1923 after his revolutionary tactics failed in Munich (the Beer Hall Putsch). Joined Nazi party, increased his political strength, and became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Made himself dictator and assumed title of "Fuhrer." Committed suicide.

--Considered himself a strict vegetarian although he was criticized for eating pigs' knuckles. Ate fresh vegetables, spinach, and spaghetti. Was especially fond of asparagus tips and artichoke hearts (in cream sauce), eggs and cauliflower (combined in various ways). Loved sweets and pastries, sometimes eating as much as 2 lbs. of chocolate a day. Consumed large amounts of eggs, which were "prepared in 101 different ways by the best chef in Germany." Had 2 menus prepared for each meal he hosted--one for the meat eaters and one for the vegetarians. Opposed to drinking and smoking. Believed that the "decadence" of civilization was in large part due to meat eating and "had its origin in the abdomen--chronic constipation, poisoning of the juices, and the results of drinking to excess." Became vegetarian because of stomach problems. Supplemented diet (unbalanced because of large content of carbohydrates) with drugs to ward off states of depression.

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