Biography of Famous Vegetarians Benito Mussolino

About the famous Italian vegetarian and facist leader Benito Mussolino, history and biography of the man.

BENITO MUSSOLINI. 1883-1945. Italian.

--Was a bricklayer, factory worker, school-teacher, and journalist before he became Italian dictator. Founded fascism in 1919 and established it as a political party in 1921. Headed fascist march on Rome, which led to his appointment as Prime Minister. Exercised dictatorial powers for 20 years and was assassinated in 1945.

--Became a vegetarian in 1925 after an ulcer attack. Ate pasta (with butter sauce) and fruit (mainly grapes and oranges). Did occasionally eat chicken or rabbit. Liked others to recognize his "frugality" and frequently had a glass of milk placed on his desk. Returned to meat diet in 1943 on the advice of a doctor (sent to Mussolini by Hitler).

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