Biography of Famous Vegetarians Sir Stafford Cripps

About the famous English vegetarian and socialist Sir Stafford Cripps, history and biography of the man.

SIR STAFFORD CRIPPS. 1889-1952. English.

--Practiced law and became a King's counsel at age 38. Joined Labor party, and in 1930 became solicitor general and was knighted. Considered to be a future candidate for Prime Minister but his socialistic views were met with heavy criticism. Formed the Socialist League and was expelled from Labor party. Became ambassador to Russia in 1940.

--Became a vegetarian after contracting colitis (intestinal inflammation) during W.W. I. Followed strict diet of fruit, raw vegetables, cheese, and black bread. At times, ate a boiled egg or potato. Dubbed "Christ and Carrots" by Churchill.

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