Biography of Famous Vegetarians Sir Thomas More

About the famous English vegetarian and religious figure Sir Thomas More, history and biography of the man.

SIR THOMAS MORE. 1478-1535. English.

--Was an undersheriff of London and speaker of the House of Commons before being named Lord Chancellor of England. Refused to approve the divorce of Henry VIII from Catherine of Aragon. Would not sign the Act of Succession which placed the King's powers over those of the Church and was imprisoned. Tried for high treason, found guilty, and was beheaded. Author of Utopia, a book which describes the "perfect commonwealth."

--Abolished the killing of animals in his book with the "utopian" dictate that citizens should "kill no animal in sacrifice, nor [should] they think that God has delight in blood and slaughter, who has given life to animals to the intent they should live." Spoke primarily against butchering and meat eating but also criticized those who would "waste" corn in the making of alcoholic beverages. Did drink wine.

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