Biography of Famous Vegetarians Sylvester Graham

About the famous American vegetarian Sylvester Graham maker of Graham crackers., history and biography of the man.

SYLVESTER GRAHAM. 1794-1851. American.

--Introduced graham-bread--made from unbolted wheat flour. Lectured across the U.S. on dietary reform. Received strong opposition from U.S. bakers, who held a riot demonstration against him in 1847. Proposed a strict vegetable diet to prevent all forms of "intemperance."

--Based his vegetarian beliefs on what he said was scientific fact: ". . . a single lb. of rice absolutely contains more nutritious matter, than 2 1/2 lbs. of best butcher's meat; and 3 lbs. of good wheat bread contains more than 6 lbs. of flesh; and 3 lbs. of potatoes more than 2 lbs. of flesh. . . ."

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