Biography of Famous Writers and Authors: Leo Tolstoy Part 2

About the famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, history and biography of the author.

Leo Tolstoi (1828-1910).

Not wishing to hide anything from his new bride, Count Tolstoi promptly showed the new Countess Tolstoi his diary, which was filled to the brim with shocking confessions and the sordid details of his wild younger days. He was 34 and she was only 18, but they were married anyway. Seventeen years and 13 children later, Leo Tolstoi was so depressed that he was again seriously considering suicide, but something happened that changed his entire outlook on life.

He read the Sermon on the Mount and realized that the teachings of Christ were the key to happy living and, for Leo Tolstoi, to adopt an opinion was to act. He promptly tried to give his estate to the poor, throw his money to the peasants, and place his published works in the public domain for all the peoples of the world. His wife, who now had to support their 13 children in addition to handcopying his manuscripts (War and Peace was copied 7 times in its entirety), said No. But that didn't stop Tolstoi from putting on peasants' rags and working in the fields every day from sunup to sundown.

A conniving leech named Chertkov was drawn to the "new Master Tolstoi," and not only urged him to ignore his wife's pleadings but suggested that he go even further in his quest for the perfect and happy life. The solution was to give up everything to a deserving peasant . . . namely to Chertkov himself. The gullible Tolstoi drew up a new will leaving his estate to Chertkov. That was the last straw for the already enraged Countess Tolstoi. When Leo caught her foraging through his papers in search of the will, he decided to leave Russia and all of his worries behind him.

It was a cold night in October when Leo Tolstoi boarded the overcrowded, poorly heated, 3rd-class train for the Russian border. He caught pneumonia and died in a blaze of publicity one month later.

When he was 5 years old, Leo had told his brother that he knew of a secret that would destroy all the evil in men, and this secret was buried under a little green stick near Vasnaya Polyana. His brother buried him under the little green stick near their family home.

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