Biography of Golfer and Athlete Glenna Collett Vare

About the biography of the famous golfer and athlete Glenna Collett Vare, history and information.

Glenna Collett Vare

Glenna Collett (Mrs. Edwin H. Vare) is generally recognized as the greatest female amateur player the U.S. ever produced.

Born in New Haven, Conn., in 1903, she took up golf at the age of 4 and became a pupil of Alex Smith, a 2-time winner of the U.S. Open. She won the U.S. Women's Championship a record 6 times, finishing runner-up twice and a semifinalist twice in a span of 14 years. She captured the North and South and the Eastern title 6 times each, while dominating women's amateur play during the 1920s.

Glenna won the French Amateur, and was runner-up twice in the British Amateur, losing to the famed Joyce Wethered, the incomparable British star, and Diana Fishwick, respectively, in 1929 and 1930. During her prime she was considered 2nd only to Miss Wethered among the best women players of the world.

Glenna's game developed rapidly in her teens and she was able to win her 1st national title at the age of 19 in 1922. At the age of 54 her game was still good enough to capture the Rhode Island title. The Vare trophy, awarded by the Ladies Professional Golf Association each year for lowest stroke average, is named in her honor.

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