Biography of Golfer and Athlete Joyce Wethered

About the biography of the famous golfer and athlete Joyce Wethered, history and information.

Joyce Wethered

Joyce Wethered, a famous British amateur player, is recognized as the greatest female golfer in history.

Born in 1901, she began competing in tournaments at the age of 19 and remained virtually unbeatable for a decade before giving up championship play and settling down as Lady Heathcoat-Amory. She won the English Ladies championship 5 successive years, beginning in 1920. She won 4 of 6 British women's championships, finishing runner-up once and semi-finalist once.

Her early successes were enough to satisfy her competitive desires and she retired from active tournament play in 1925, but she returned to play in the 1929 British women's championships at St. Andrew's and defeated Glenna Collett in the final. She again retired from the championship scene. After leaving championship play, she limited her tournament play to foursomes at Worplesdon, which she won 8 times in 15 years.

Miss Wethered was known for her deep concentration while playing a match, so much so that sometimes she was unaware she had holed the winning putt and that the match was over. She was very seldom seen practicing and was noted for being oblivious to her opponents' presence.

In her book, published in 1933, she wrote: "If I could only bring myself to forget the excitement and importance of the match I was playing in, then I gave myself an infinitely better chance of reproducing my best form."

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