Biography of Potential Saint Bl. John Nepomucene Neumann

About the potential saint blessed John Nepomucene Neumann, history and biography of the American missionary.



Cause. He enjoyed being a missionary of sorts among the German immigrants of Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio, avoiding an appointment as bishop until he saw that he could do more that way. As Bishop of Philadelphia, he placed the Redemptorists (the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer), of which he was a member, at the forefront of the parochial school movement.

During his bishopric, over 80 churches were constructed in the diocese. He became fluent in 12 languages so he could preach to the swelling masses of immigrants. He heard the confessions of the Irish in Gaelic, and translated religious texts for the Germans.

He introduced 6 teaching orders into the diocese, established the 1st parochial school to serve a black neighborhood, and founded the religious order, the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis of Glen Riddle.

Devil's Advocate. Bishop Neumann's cause lacks the necessary number of miracles.

Nomination. His cause was introduced in 1897, and he was declared "Venerable" 14 years later by Benedict XV. In 1963, he became the 1st American bishop to be beatified.

Present Stage. Father Litz said that 24 cases of possible miracles have been forwarded to Rome. When asked about possible Sainthood, he said, "The Lord only knows. Only through Him do the Saints work miracles. It is impossible to predict with exactness when anyone will be declared a Saint unless their cause has progressed to that stage."

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