Biography of Potential Saint Bl. Marguerite Bourgeoys

About the potential saint Bl. Marguerite Bourgeoys, biography and history, causes and current status.


Cause. After several unsuccessful attempts to enter the cloister, she set sail for Canada. While there, she opened the 1st school in Montreal, and also established schools and missions for the Indians and a training school for the poor.

As the scope of her work grew, other women were recruited. The group later melded into a new kind of religious community, one not bound to the cloister, but free to go about--one dressed not in religious habits, but in the costume of the poor. The Church was not too happy with her independent group, but later recognized it, naming it the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame.

Devil's Advocate. Like many others who have been beatified but not canonized, she lacks the required number of miracles. Miracles for canonization must occur after beatification, and, in her case, there have not been any.

Nomination. She was beatified in 1950 by Pope Pius XII. In paying her tribute, he said, "Her influence is still being felt . . . as foundress of a Congregation of secular women, she realized the dream cherished for France by Saint Francis de Sales."

Present Stag. As with many others, only the lack of miracles is stopping her from being declared a Saint.

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