Biography of Potential Saint Bl. Rose Philippine Duchesne

About the potential saint and French missionary Blessed Rose Philippine Duchesne, her history and biogrpahy.



Cause. As a French missionary to the U.S., she opened a school in St. Charles, Mo., the 1st free school west of the Mississippi for Catholic and non-Catholic children. While in Missouri, she operated a free parish school, a small orphanage, a school for Indian girls, as well as a novitiate for the order she founded, the U.S. branch of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

She didn't fully realize her dream of doing missionary work among the Indians until the age of 72. Despite her age, her help was appreciated. As one nun put it, "If she cannot work, she will forward the work of the mission by her prayers." She had a special place in her heart for the Indians, especially the Potawatomi, who felt the same way about her, giving her the name Quah-kah-ka-num-ad, "Woman who prays always."

Devil's Advocate. As with many others, she has been unable to produce more miracles since her beatification.

Nomination. She was beatified on May 12, 1940.

Present Stage. Definitely one of the most admired Catholics in America, her cause is still being actively promoted. The search goes on for miracles. Only 2 more, and she will be declared a Saint.

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