Biography of Potential Saint Francis Xavier Seelos

About the potential saint Francis Xavier Seelos, history and biography of the religious American missionary.


Cause. In 1843, he emigrated from Bavaria to America to join the Redemptorists. He served in Baltimore for several years, until being transferred to Pittsburgh, where Father Neumann became his spiritual leader.

Later, he became prefect of students and rector of the Redemptorists' seminary in Cumberland, Md. Desiring to do missionary work, he personally pleaded with Pope Pius IX to ward off his appointment as Bishop of Pittsburgh. He spent the last years of his life traveling with the Redemptorist missionaries.

Devil's Advocate. There seem to be some problems ascertaining the complete sanctity of either his writings or his life.

Nomination. His cause was introduced in 1912. The historical data was presented, but it was judged incomplete, and rejected.

Present Stage. A new biography of Seelos, The Happy Ascetic, has been presented to Rome. It is supposed to have remedied the defects of the previous one, and a decision on it is expected soon.

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