Biography of Potential Saint Frederic Baraga

About the potential saint Frederic Baraga, history and biography of the missionary.


Cause. Through a missionary society, he realized his dream of working among the American Indians. He worked with the Ottawas and Chippewas of Upper Michigan, transforming dilapidated missions into model Christian communities. But his work was not limited only to the Indians. The development of copper mines in the area attracted white settlers, which extended his labors and his territory.

To aid in the advancement of the faith, he went directly to the people. Even his letters to the individual parishes were in the native tongue. His grammar books and dictionaries were the 1st published in the Chippewa and Ottawa languages, and are still being used as an aid in the study of linguistics.

Devil's Advocate. The claims that have been made on behalf of this candidate need careful evaluation, and of course proof of miracles must be forthcoming.

Nomination. His cause was introduced in 1933.

Present Stage. A complete study of his life has been made, including his time in Yugoslavia where he was a parish priest. One of his promoters, Father Wolfe, has forwarded the historical data to Rome. There is much public interest in Baraga, according to Father Litz.

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