Biography of Potential Saint Jan Cieplak

About the potential saint Jan Cieplak, history and biography of the religious figure.

JAN CIEPLAK (1857-1926)

Cause. He was a professor at the Catholic Academy in St. Petersburg until the Russian Revolution in 1917. He was appointed Archbishop of Achrida, but soon fell into disfavor during the Russian Civil War. In 1923, he was arrested as a counterrevolutionary for refusing to give the Church's treasures to the State and was sentenced to death, but through the intervention of the Holy See and the U.S. and British Governments, his sentence was commuted.

In 1925, he paid a 3-month visit to one of his benefactors, the U.S. During that period, he visited 375 parishes and 800 institutions in 25 dioceses. He died in Passaic, N.J., as he was preparing to serve in a new post as an archbishop in Poland.

Devil's Advocate. While there were no problems with his writings, there are difficulties verifying the total sanctity of his actions.

Nomination. His cause was introduced in 1952.

Present Stage. In 1960, his writings were declared to be "above reproach in faith or morals," and when a decision is reached on his "heroic virtue," he should be declared "Venerable."

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