Biography of Potential Saint Jean Mathias Pierre Loras

About the potential saint Jean Mathias Pierre Loras, biography and history of the American missionary.


Cause. Emigrating from France, he was appointed the 1st bishop of the newly created see of Dubuque, Ia. When the Government resettled the Indians outside of Iowa, he conceived a plan to people Iowa with newly arrived Irish and German immigrants.

With grants from mission-aid societies, he built churches, as well as bought land for future parishes. He also established a diocesan college to train native clergy, a cathedral boy's school, a cathedral girl's school, and Mount St. Bernard Seminary. He loved the new land of America so much that he turned down a prestigious bishopric in France to remain in America.

Devil's Advocate. While there seem to be no major problems, the historical data must be collected and forwarded to Rome for evaluation.

Nomination. His cause was introduced in 1937.

Present Stage. Though Bishop Loras appears to have an excellent case, the process is not moving quickly at all. Apparently, the compilation of historical data has not even been completed.

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