Biography of Potential Saint Magin Catala

About the potential saint Magin Catala, biography and history, causes and current status.

MAGIN CATALA (1761-1830)

Cause. Born in Spain, he worked with the Franciscans in Mexico and California. Though he suffered from severe inflammatory rheumatism, he did not allow it to deter him from his work. He visited the sick, preaching in both Indian languages and in Spanish. Despite his poor health, he was an ascetic of sorts, wearing the heavy and confining clothes of his order, and existing on a diet of corn gruel and milk.

Devil's Advocate. Although he had the powers of miracle and prophecy while alive, no miracles have been attributed to him since his death. Also, his fame for working miracles while he was alive may well deter the Church from canonization, because of the papal decree that no candidate shall have a "public cult."

Nomination. In 1884, Archbishop J. S. Ale-many of San Francisco instituted the process of beatification.

Present Stage. Because of the time lapse since the introduction of this cause, there is doubt as to whether he will ever be declared a Saint.

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