Biography of Potential U.S. Saint Bl. Sebastian de Aparicio

About the potential U.S. saint Bl. Sebastian de Aparicio, biography and history, causes and current status.


Cause. He began his religious life late, receiving his friar's habit at the age of 72, in the convent of San Francisco at Mexico City.

He was assigned the dreary task of procuring the daily bread from the local convents, but accepted it joyfully. He spent the last years of his life working miracles--an almost unheard-of power since most miracles attributable to saints occur after they have died.

Devil's Advocate. Regardless of his miraculous powers, he was married twice. While he claimed these unions were unconsummated, there is no proof of his claim.

Nomination. So widespread was his fame that the Bishop of Puebla, Diego Romano, felt urged to initiate the canonization process before Sebastian de Aparicio died.

Present Stage. He was beatified in 1789. The time lapse since beatification seems to indicate a bias against his 2 marriages, and despite the claim of miracles, there have only been 2 since his death, and thus he probably never will be declared a Saint.

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