Biography of Potential U.S. Saints 116 American Martyrs

About the potential U.S. saints the 116 American martyrs, biography and history, causes and current status.

THE 116 AMERICAN MARTYRS (d. 1542-1731)

Cause. The list includes Father Juan de Padilla, a Franciscan, and the 1st Catholic killed for Christ in the U.S. The martyrs were killed mostly by Indians, but also by frontiersmen, throughout the South and the Southwest, and represent various religious orders, laymen and clergy included.

Devil's Advocate. Because of the number involved, and the time lapse since their deaths, it will be difficult to verify that all were killed for religious reasons only, and thus, all of them cannot be elevated to Sainthood.

Nomination. The list was compiled under the direction of Bishop Gannon of Erie, and sent to the Congregation of Rites by the late Archbishop of Philadelphia, Cardinal Dougherty.

Present Stage. The cause has been recognized by the American bishops as a legitimate one, and as such, "should be promoted by all American Catholics."

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