Biography of Rasputin The Mad Russian and Famous Sexual Figure Part 1

About the famous Mad Russian Rasputin, biography and history of the sexual deviant.


Grigori Efimovich Rasputin (1872-1916), the Siberian mystic with "the peculiar eyes," was a sexual success even by modern-day standards. As a young man in his native village of Pokrovskoye, he had joined a heretical sect called "the Flagellants" whose all night orgies of incantations, wild dances, provocative switchings, and indiscriminate copulations were practiced as sinful prerequisites of redemption.

Rasputin's name, given to him by fellow villagers, meant "the debauched one." And when he discovered that his rival, the local priest, was about to launch an investigation of his heresies, he left his young wife and farm to spread his sexual gospel elsewhere--in the woods, at 1st, then in peasant cottages where disturbed women sought him out as a savior and healer. Often he was seen in the public baths displaying his rugged body to admiring young women. When they appeared for redemption later, he urged everyone to debase themselves and "try the flesh." Then his voice would change into seductive softness as he drew closer to the prettier girls so he could caress them and fondle their breasts until they thoroughly confused sexual excitation with religious fervor. Even the husbands present didn't object since Rasputin had convinced them that intercourse with their wives was an act of redemption willed by God. Soon hordes of peasants everywhere were throwing themselves at his feet, kissing the hemline of his black caftan, crying "Father Grigori, our Savior!"

Report of the healing powers of the bearded, unwashed holy man, with the hypnotic personality, reached into the sickroom of the Emperor's only son, Alexis, a hemophiliac. The slightest fall would cause painful blue swellings from internal hemorrhaging, and the court physicians were helpless. The Czarina had already turned to mystical men when she was desperately trying to conceive an heir to the throne. One of them, a 2nd-rate clairvoyant and former butcher's assistant, had convinced her that she was pregnant when she wasn't. For this he was banished, but not before prophesying that a new "friend" and holy man would appear to help her out.

It was November, 1905, when Rasputin was summoned to the palace by Czar Nicholas and Czarina Alexandra. Uninhibitedly, he embraced and kissed them, said a prayer over the afflicted child, soon gaining the boy's confidence with gentle strokings of his painful body and a host of Siberian fairy stories about humpbacked horses and legless riders.

The boy responded, the pains and swelling subsided, and a tearful Czarina kissed the hand of "the new friend" whom she considered heaven-sent to restore the health of her son. Whenever the internal bleeding began, Rasputin was at the bedside. Soon he achieved the political status of "Czar above Czars," since Nicholas and Alexandra sought his approval of important decisions. He actually became "a member" of the royal family.

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