Biography of Rasputin The Mad Russian and Famous Sexual Figure Part 2

About the famous Mad Russian Rasputin, biography and history of the sexual deviant.


Grigori Efimovich Rasputin (1872-1916),

Rasputin lost no time in consolidating this power. He set up an office-apartment and redemption center in St. Petersburg, the capital. Burgeoning petitions for political favors, which he had the power to grant, brought him huge "fees" from the rich and hopeful, while he often emptied his pockets during the same day to the poor and needy.

He kept his dining room crammed with anxious women, vying for his sexual-religious favors which he granted readily to the chosen ones in a nearby bedroom called "the holy of holies." He preferred aristocratic beauties to their peasant counterparts because "they smelled better," but he never improved his own peasant odors and continued to scoop up his food with his hands. Yet his disciples saw in him the reincarnation of Christ, sent to resolve the conflict between sexual frustration and the tenets of purity imposed by an orthodox clergy. Many found almost idyllic happiness for the 1st time in the gnarled arms of the "Holy Satyr." Some, however, were not ready for redemption and rushed from the little room in a rage, their dresses disheveled, weeping or shrieking in uncontrollable fury. Agents of the secret police, constantly on hand to protect Rasputin, removed the outraged women. Although a few preferred charges, saying that Rasputin had raped them, such accusations got no further than the desks of interested officials who didn't dare to make a move against him. Those who tried fell into disfavor with the Czar and Czarina who either ignored or disbelieved the reports of his excesses.

Many attempts were made to asassinate Rasputin as the embodiment of the Devil and a threat to the monarchy. Reactionary prelates and monarchist not only objected to his life-style, but to his obvious peasant populism. Iliodor, the leading priest-orator of the time, who had once befriended Rasputin, formed a conspiracy against him. Known as "the curser," he reviled the peasant monk and published false charges against him in a pamphlet called "The Holy Devil," and quoted from the Czarina's letters--which he had earlier stolen from Rasputin's desk--intimating there was a sexual relationship between the 2. This, of course, caused a national furor.

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