Biography of Rasputin The Mad Russian and Famous Sexual Figure Part 3

About the famous Mad Russian Rasputin, biography and history of the sexual deviant.


A psychotic prostitute with a religious mania was brought into the conspiracy and rehearsed as a pilgrim seeking alms from Rasputin. When he reached into a pocket for some money, she plunged a knife into his abdomen, screaming, "I have slain the anti-Christ!" But Rasputin's great strength and quickness saved his life. He prevented himself from falling and pressed a hand over his wound. After an operation in his dining room, he languished between life and death for weeks while Czar Nicholas prepared for W.W.I. Rasputin, who always opposed the monarchy's warlords, blamed himself for not being well enough to dissuade the Czar from committing Russia to the holocaust, as he had done 2 years before in convincing Nicholas to stay out of the Balkan conflict. In this sense, Rasputin was a legitimate man of peace.

As the war went from bad to worse, a dandified aristocrat, Prince Felix Yusupov, arranged a midnight party for the prelate in the basement of his castle, using his beautiful wife as bait. Yusupov fascinated Rasputin with his ability to sing gypsy songs and play the guitar. On the night of December 29-30, 1916, Rasputin, who had been warned earlier by the Minister of the Interior about a plot on his life, was enjoying himself thoroughly. He drank several glasses of poisoned wine, and ate enough cakes filled with potassium cyanide to kill a cow. Nervously, Yusupov sang the desired songs and strummed his guitar, waiting for his guest to drop dead. When he didn't, the Prince excused himself on the pretext of going upstairs to get his wife who was actually in the Crimea. Placating the other conspirators who were becoming impatient, the Prince returned with a pistol. He shot Rasputin, who then staggered out into the courtyard where another conspirator shot him again. He was stabbed many times. Two days later his trussed-up body was found under the ice of the Neva River, one arm half-free, and his lungs filled with water. Rasputin had still been alive when submerged and he had died by drowning. He was barely 44.

Grieving peasants everywhere, and the women who loved him, mourned the death of a remarkable man, who, they believed, had been sent by God to tell the Czar the truth. "If I die," Rasputin had correctly prophesied, "the Emperor will soon lose his crown."

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