Biography of Religious Critic Immanuel Kant

About the famous German religious critic Immanuel Kant, history and information about the beliefs of the philosopher.

IMMANUEL KANT (1724-1804)

His Person: German philosopher whose critique of the proofs of God contributed to later forms of atheism. Began his writing career as a scientist with treatises on fire, wind, anthropology, and natural history. Attempted in his religious dialogues to demolish the old Cartesian arguments and reestablish the idea of God on newer grounds. As the impetus for a moral act, the desire to please God was for Kant "a servile and pathological urge." Wanted to lead religion back to a question of ethics. Man and God, he said, exist on an equal footing. Wrote: Critique of Pure Reason.

His Belief: "The concept of a supreme being is in many respects a very useful idea; but just because it is a mere idea, it is altogether incapable by itself alone of enlarging our knowledge of what exists . . . we can no more extend our stock of theoretical insight by mere ideas, than a merchant can better his position by adding a few noughts to his cash account."

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