Biography of Religious Critic Rene Descartes

About the famous French religious critic Rene Descartes, history and information about the beliefs of the philosopher.

RENE DESCARTES (1596-1650)

His Person: French. Generally hailed as the founder of modern philosophy. Contributed to the science of mathematics by formulating concepts for relating mathematics to reality, mind to matter. Originator of the phrase "I think, therefore I am." Wrote a book which suggested that man lived on an "earth in motion" but did not publish it because of persecution of others who had promoted "revolutionary theories" (i.e., Galileo). Believed himself to be a convinced Catholic. Wrote: Discourse on Method, Principles of Philosophy.

His Belief: "I must inquire whether there is a God as soon as the occasion presents itself; and if I find that there is a God, I must also inquire whether He may be a deceiver; for without a knowledge of these 2 truths I do not see that I can ever be certain of anything."

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