Biography of Saints North American Martyrs

About the saints the North American Martyrs, biography and history, causes and current status.

The North American Martyrs--

ST. ISAAC JOGUES et al. (d. 1642-1649)

Cause. Daniel, Brebeuf, Lalemant, Garnier, and Chabanel were massacred within the confines of Canada, while Goupil, LaLande, and Jogues were martyred near Auriesville, N.Y. Jogues's fellow missionaries knew that he desired the grace of martyrdom, so when the news of his murder by the Indians reached them in Quebec, they celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving rather than one of Requiem.

The Relation says of the murders of Brebeuf and Lalemant:

Before their deaths, both their hearts were torn out through openings made in their chests; these barbarians feasted on their warm blood. While still full of life, pieces of their thighs, calves, and arms were removed by the butchers, who roasted them on coals and ate them in their sight.

Devil's Advocate. Did they indeed die for the faith? Were they killed because of it? Incontrovertible proof of this must be presented.

Nomination. Their cause was promoted vigorously, but it wasn't formally introduced by the Jesuit hierarchies of North America until 1912.

Present Stage. Beatified in 1925, they were canonized on June 29, 1930. Annually, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims visit the 2 sanctuaries erected in their honor. One, the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs, is in Auriesville, N.Y., and was built by the Jesuits in 1884. The other is in Midland, Ont.

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