Biography of the Master of the Occult Aleister Crowley Part 1

About the master of the occult Aleister Crowley follower of first mysticism then the black arts, his biography and history.

ALEISTER CROWLEY (1875-1947). Occultist.

Aleister Crowley was perhaps the greatest master of the occult to live and practice in the past century.

Crowley was born in Leamington, England. His life, says his literary executor, John Symonds, was "a series of ecstasies, abominations, and bizarreries." After being thrown out of Cambridge, Crowley gave himself more fully to writing. During his career he was the author of 45 books of poetry, 3 books of erotica, 15 or more books on the occult and religion, as well as an autobiography.

One of Aleister Crowley's most absorbing literary legacies is a little book, now extremely rare, called The Yi King, "A new translation of the Book of Changes" by The Master Therion. Of course, The Master Therion was Crowley himself, and his Yi King is what today is known as the I-Ching. Crowley also published a limited edition of this in London in 1909, when he was 34, and at the time he called it Liber Trigrammaton, "The Book of the Trigrams of the permutations of the Tao with the Yin and the Yang."

Crowley not only translated and wrote his version of the I-Ching, but he passionately believed in its predictions. Throughout his life, he practiced what he preached in the Book of Changes. John Symonds cites countless occasions when the master consulted his I-Ching. Two examples:

Crowley wanted to establish an occult center. "Where should they go to do the Great Work? The Yi King, that ancient Chinese book of oracles, was consulted. Should they go to Algeria, Or the Italian lakes? How about Spain? Naples or Sicily? The answer of the hexagram was indecisive. . . .

"On the 1st of March, 1920, at half past 5 in the afternoon, he again consulted the Chinese oracle. Where should he start the Great Work? For nothing but the universal acceptance of the Law of Thelema as the sole and sufficient basis of conduct could save the world. He must found a community, the archetype of all future communities, whose only code of convention will be the one law of Do what thou wilt.

"Shall I spend April and June in or near Marseilles?

"Fire of Water. No.

"Capri? Earth of Air. No.

"Cefalu? Earth of Lingam. This couldn't be better.

"The Chinese oracle had spoken and Crowley made a very emphatic note in his diary that it was solely on this answer from the Yi King hexagram that he went to Cefalu [a fishing village on the northern shore of Sicily]."

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