Body Care Manual Filtering System The Kidneys

About Dick Gregory and the Body Owner's Manual, biology and anatomy of the filtering system, function of the kidneys.

The Kidneys

The other major filters are the kidneys--2 glandular organs about the size of a human fist, suspended by a ligament from the rear wall of the abdomen. Hanging loosely near the spinal column, the kidneys serve the function of filtering the water in the body as it is passed through them by the bloodstream.

The kidneys are another of Mother Nature's miracles. They are made up of more than 30 billion cells grouped into clusters of miles and miles of little filter coils. Each cluster is no larger than a speck of dust, yet contains some 15,000 cells. These tiny coils filter 4 gal. of water every day. Only 2 to 4 pt. are passed as waste through the bladder and eliminated as urine. The remaining water is recirculated by the bloodstream throughout the body system.

Every drop of liquid consumed is filtered through the kidneys. The blood is about 3/5 water, and that water content remains constant no matter how much is taken in. Excess water taken in above the 3 qts. in the blood is stored in the muscles and the liver. But it is all filtered by the kidneys.

Everyone knows what happens to water that is left standing and is not replenished by a flow of fresh, pure water. It becomes stagnant. The same thing happens in the body. It is very important to replenish the body with pure drinking water or the organic water which comes from raw fruit and vegetable juices. Pure water in the body system is the most important element in proper maintenance, with the exception of oxygen in the air.

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