Body Care Manual Filtering System The Liver Part 1

About Dick Gregory and the Body Owner's Manual, biology and anatomy of the filtering system, function of the liver.


There are a number of glands in the body engaged in the filtering process, but the 2 major filters are the liver and the kidneys. In a car owner's manual, you are advised to change the filter periodically. Medical doctors sometimes offer the same advice for the body machine, calling the process of changing filters "trans-plants." While it is good, in fact essential, to cleanse them through proper diet, Mother Nature's filters usually carry a lifetime guarantee if treated properly.

The Liver

Everything we eat or drink is broken down and carried by the blood to the liver. In the liver, the atoms and molecules of our food are reconstructed into material which the body uses to repair, replenish, and rebuild cells and tissues.

Thus the liver is certainly one of the most important and amazing glandular organs in the entire body machine. It is the largest gland, making up about 1/40 of a person's total weight. And the liver has miraculous powers of regenerating and healing itself. Which, of course, is a blessing to most people, considering the punishment they inflict upon the liver through improper diet. If heart or brain cells are damaged and die, they cannot be replaced. But the liver, given the nourishment needed to heal itself, can remarkably "come back to life." Most abused livers need only a decent opportunity for "personal resurrection."

The liver performs a number of complex chemical functions in the body. Rearranged molecules and atoms are sent back into the bloodstream from the liver and are distributed to the other glands and parts of the body as they are needed. The by-products of the reconstruction work in the liver, along with used-up cells from other parts of the body system, are converted by the liver into bile. The bile is collected and stored in the gall bladder and is used as needed in the digestive process and other functions of the body.

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