Body Care Manual Filtering System The Liver Part 2

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The Liver

The liver is burdened with the work load of undoing the damage inflicted upon the body by improper eating and drinking habits. Poisons and narcotics which would destroy the body if left alone are passed as quickly as possible to the liver. The liver cells neutralize the poisonous components and try to convert them into harmless chemical compounds. . . . Starches, grains, meat products, and anything that has been cooked in fat give the liver a tremendous workout. Starch molecules, for example, when passing through the liver, can become lodged in the liver cells. When this happens often enough, a congestion develops which can result in cirrhosis or hardening of the liver. The liver becomes stiff as a board. The diet prepared in most kitchens may be responsible for that common phrase "room and board."

It is interesting to note that most people think of cirrhosis of the liver as a disease peculiar to heavy drinkers. While it is true that heavy drinkers are inviting this disaster, it is also quite possible for a heavy starch consumer, or a big sandwich eater, to develop cirrhosis without having had a drink of alcohol during an entire lifetime. Concentrated protein, such as meat, is also difficult for the liver to handle, and eating it runs the danger of clogging liver cells and causing inflammation. . . .

Let me offer an example, suggested by N. W. Walker in his excellent book Become Younger, to illustrate what most folks do to their liver every day. If a person bought a truck, and the owner's manual said the load capacity was a half ton, the new truck owner would be a fool to load up the truck with 2 or 3 tons and run it day in and day out. The truck would carry the load for a while. But one day it would break down and the owner would be running to the bank for a loan on a new truck. It's the same with the load capacity of the liver. Most folks overload its capacity every single day of their lives, 3 meals a day. And the liver handles its burdened load for a time. One day it is likely to break down.

Before the truck breaks down completely, it will slow up, the tires will give way, the springs will sag, and the frame will be pushed out of shape. And the overloaded liver will bring about the same reaction in the human body. Consider the person suffering from a "sluggish" liver--slow, lifeless movements, feet lagging, and frequently a bent frame!

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