Body Care Manual Food Digestion, Colon and Waste Part 3

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If the idea of taking enemas turns you off, think of "internal baths" as a solution. When the outside of your body machine gets dirty, you give it a bath. So if the inside of your body is "dirty," why not give it a bath?. . .

The home remedy for treating a clogged colon is the "high" enema, and it is the only "high" I recommend! (Drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and coffee "highs" have no place in my natural diet.) An enema bag is available from any drugstore. It is a "hot water bottle" equipped with a syringe, a long tube with a nozzle. This enema equipment is different from prepared and packaged enemas, so be sure to ask for an enema bag. A prepared enema will clean out only the lower part of the descending colon rather than give the entire colon a flushing.

The standard enema bag will hold about 2 qts. of water. It should be suspended from the wall at least 3' above you. Most supermarkets sell suction hooks which can be fastened to the bathroom wall, moved to any other wall, or carried when traveling.

The water used for an enema should be lukewarm. Never, never use soap, salt, bicarbonate of soda, or any other such substance in the water! It is helpful to add the strained juice of freshly squeezed lemon--one, 2, or even 3 lemons for 2 qts. of water--and a teaspoon or 2 of pure unpasteurized honey. But never add anything else. . . It may be necessary to start with one qt. and work up to 2.

The object is to get the water well into all parts of the colon. Some people prefer a kneeling position. Others prefer to lie on the right side, with the legs doubled up toward the chest as in a fetal position. The nozzle of the syringe should be lubricated with K-Y surgical jelly. The water should be retained in teh colon as long as possible.

Especially in the beginning, some discomfort may be felt. Don't be alarmed or discouraged. After a while, the feeling of discomfort will ease and more and more water will be able to be retained in the colon. As in all other new ventures, practice makes perfect in enema-taking.

Massage the abdomen gently while retaining the enema water to help loosen the impacted waste matter. Don't be surprised to find yourself hurrying back to the bathroom. I only mention it to warn you that it is not best to run off to any business or social engagements too soon after taking an enema!. . .

Laxatives, cathartics, purgatives, and the like are a different matter. A laxative does not help to restore the natural process of peristalsis in the colon. On the contrary, the laxative is actually an irritant. That's what makes a laxative a laxative. It irritates the nerves and muscles in the colon, sending them into a state of convulsions to get rid of the irritating substance. The laxative, or purgative, challenges Mother Nature rather than working along with her. It in no way helps to break down impacted waste matter or cleanse the colon. Taking a laxative is like throwing salt in the eye to produce tears to wash out a cinder!. . .

Actually, the best way to assist Mother Nature in the process of elimination in the body machine is through nutrition. . .

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