Body Care Manual Headlights or the Eyes

About Dick Gregory and the Body Owner's Manual, biology and anatomy of the eyes, sight, and how they function.


The headlights of the body machine are the eyes. Using another analogy, the eyes are the windows to the temple. One can quickly tell the condition of the body machine by looking at the headlights. If they are dim, dull, or the color of fog lights, the body machine is in bad shape and in drastic need of immediate repair. The fuel must be changed. A diet must be provided which allows for a complete rebuilding job.

If the eyes are shiny, sparkling, and bright, it is an encouraging sign that the body machine is close to kicking on all cylinders. So as a conscientious body owner, take a good look in the mirror and see if the headlights in your own machine are on bright or dim.

Let me close with a vision and a hope for America. The Body Owner's Manual clearly suggests that the body machine is worth at least as much attention as an automobile. What is needed in this country is as many health food stores as there are filling stations and auto repair shops. Each health station should be staffed with folks who are as well versed and trained in nutrition and the proper care of the body as good mechanics are in the care and keeping of automobiles. . . .

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