Body Care Manual Heart, Nervous System and Others Part 2

About Dick Gregory and the Body Owner's Manual, biology and anatomy of the heart, nervous system and other parts and how they function.


The central nervous system is Operation Central in the body machine. It is the network of nerves from the brain down the spinal cord, spreading throughout the body to the skin. Operation Central sends out an alarm when anything is wrong, or out of line, in the body machine. A headache, or a toothache, or any other pain, is an alarm from Operation Central, the central nervous system. And of course the purpose of the alarm is to see that the source and cause of the pain are treated.

So what treatment do most body owners give? They take an aspirin or some type of chemical "pain-killer." The result is simply to "kill" or deaden the nerve trying to do its duty. The headache, or toothache, or whatever, will disappear but the cause will remain unattended. It is exactly the same as the ancient custom of killing the messenger because he brought bad news to the Emperor!

Every organ, limb, and part of the body machine has 3 major nerve endings. One is in the iris of the eye. One is in the walls of the colon. One is in the sole of the feet. It is standard practice of the trained naprapath to be able to look at the eyes, the soles of the feet, or an X ray of the colon and tell exactly which parts of the body machine are in trouble. . . .

When the body machine is functioning as Mother Nature intended, the nerves and the muscles have a good working relationship. The nerves send out the impulses and the muscles get to work. They are such a team that that if something is done to mess up one teammate, the other is usually directly affected.

Meat is an enemy of the muscles, which in turn makes it a potential foe of the nerves. Meat is bad for the muscles because it tempts them so. Muscles have a particular attraction to uric acid, the end product of the digestion and breaking down of protein molecules. Uric acid should be expelled through the kidneys. But because of the muscles' attraction to it, they absorb the uric acid before it can be eliminated, especially when there is an excess.

Finally the saturation point is reached. The uric acid begins to crystallize in the muscles. When the crystal-containing muscles are moved, the sharp points penetrate the covering of the nearest nerve and a sharper pain is registered. It's the 1st warning of later trouble--rheumatism, neuritis, or sciatica. Heavy meat eaters often have 7 to 12 times as much uric acid retained in their system as should have been eliminated through the kidneys in the 1st place.

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