Body Care Manual Transmission Fluid Blood and Bloodstream Part 2

About Dick Gregory and the Body Owner's Manual, biology and anatomy of the transmission fluids, functions of blood and bloodstream.


The transmission fluid, the blood and the lymph, and the transmission systems, the lymph and blood vessels, must be kept clean and free of clogging. Clogging, or capillary impactions, can result in such things as defective hearing, dizziness, eye trouble, unsteadiness, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, hardening of the arteries, tumors and blood clots on the brain or else-where in the body machine. Starches of all kinds, fried foods and other cooked fats are the great cloggers.

When functioning according to Mother Nature's design, the lymph nodes in the intestine collect fats, but they do not collect protein or carbohydrate material passing through. The collected fats are converted into a fine liquid, or emulsion, and passed into the main lymph channel in the throat and then on into the bloodstream. Mother Nature's system works very smoothly when the fats are raw, uncooked, and natural, such as in olive oil, avocado, raw nuts, and so on.

But if you throw fried foods, buttered popcorn, cooked salted nuts, or doughnuts at the lymph security agents, try as they will, they may not be able to break down the fat, since it has been converted by cooking into an inorganic product, and the fat may remain in circulation in the blood for hours, resulting in a clogging of the system. So that popcorn you eat in the movie theater may be creating a late late show in the body machine!

One further word about starches. . . Since the starch molecule travels around the body machine in an undissolved state, unable to be used by the glands, cells and tissues of the body, the body machine tries to flush it out. If the organs designed to take care of eliminating waste become clogged, the body machine looks for other places to throw the starches out. The pores of the skin provide a perfect opening. And Mother Nature provides even for her most disobedient children. Germs thrive on starchy matter and they assist in breaking down accumulated starch molecules, forming pus, which is more easily pushed out through the pores of the skin. Instant pimples! Teen-agers with acne and pimple problems will probably be found to have heavy starch diets.

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