Bowlers in the American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame Part 2

About some of the bowlers in the American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame, their biography, history, records, and achievements.

A Short Selection from the American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame


Los Angeles, Calif.

Born in Palermo, Sicily, he came to Chicago with his parents when he was 11 years old. He became a star in Chicago before moving to Milwaukee in 1930, where he operated a bowling establishment until retiring in 1965. He also operated the Llo-de-Mar bowling center in Santa Monica, Calif., for several years with Ned Day and movie comedian Harold Lloyd. He was elected "bowler of the half century" in 1951. Known for his concentration and ability to solve lane conditions, he bowled 11 sanctioned 300 games and 5 800 series, including an 833. He appeared in the ABC tournament 57 years in a row, winning the 1916 doubles. He won the 1925 Petersen Fall Classic and Bowling Proprietors Association individual match title in 1935.


Hempstead, N.Y.

Varipapa, a leading instructor and exhibition bowler, was one of the 1st bowlers to make nationwide tours. An expert trick-shot artist, he starred in the 1st bowling film short, Strikes and Spares, in 1934, and later made many other such films. His trick shots have often overshadowed his competitive bowling, but he has an impressive list of achievements in tournaments. He won the 1946-1947 national All-Star at the age of 55 and won it again the following year, the 1st bowler to repeat as All-Star champion. He broke the Phillies Jackpot on national television in 1959 to win $6,000 for 9 strikes in a row. When at the age of 78 he developed a painful wrist and arm ailment that prevented his bowling right-handed, he took up bowling left-handed and within 18 months was averaging 180. Although he has bowled numerous perfect games in exhibitions, he has had only one sanctioned 300.


St. Louis, Mo.

Weber has the distinction of being the leading tournament moneywinner of all time, amassing a total of more than $500,000 during 20 years of topflight play on the Professional Bowlers Association tour. He has won more PBA titles--24--than anyone else. His career in big-time bowling was launched in 1955 when the St. Louis Budweisers signed him while he was employed as a struggling postal clerk in Indianapolis. He proved an immediate success as anchorman of the famous lineup that included Don Carter, Ray Bluth, Pat Patterson, Tom Hennessey, and Whitey Harris. Weber bowled 258, 258, 259 in Budweisers' record 3858 series in 1958. He was a member of the Carter Gloves team that won the 1962 ABC Classic team title. He is known for his ability to adjust or correct his delivery at the foul line.

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