Boxing Simulation All-Time Heavyweight Champion Part 3 First Two Rounds

About a computer simulation ran in 1967 to determine the all-time heavyweight championship boxer of the world, the elimination and quarter final rounds.

The All-Time Heavyweight Championship of the World

Thus the elimination bouts began. The 1st-round eliminations saw the following results:

Dempsey over Corbett (KO, 7)

Sullivan over Braddock (D)

Louis over Willard (KO, 15)

Fitzsimmons over Sharkey (D)

Baer over Johnson (D)

Marciano over Tunney (D)

Jeffries over Walcott (KO, 10)

Ali over Schmeling (D)

Boxing aficionados had frowned at the Marciano-Tunney pairing. Matching 2 potential all-time winners in the 1st round seemed premature and unfair. Experts suspected a bug in the program when the masterful boxer Tunney was awarded only one round and lost the decision to the unpolished slugger from Massachusetts. Nevertheless, Tunney, who had defeated Dempsey twice to take and hold the crown, was out in the 1st round.

Others, including Nat Fleischer, had rated Jack Johnson as the greatest heavyweight of all time. But the 1st black to hold the crown was outpointed by underdog Max Baer, whose computer program had him flooring Johnson 3 times. It was the biggest upset of the tournament.

Dempsey pounded James Corbett into submission in 7. It was a quick curtain for "Gentleman Jim," the boxer who linked bare knuckles to the glove era. In the days when a round was ended only by a knockdown or dragdown, Corbett 1st gained prominence by going 61 rounds with the great black heavyweight Pete Jackson and had astonished the elite by giving a sparring exhibition in full dress--white tie and tails--with John L. Sullivan. A scientific boxer and ring strategist, Corbett cut Sullivan to shreds when they met for the championship.

Quarter Finals

Dempsey over Sullivan (KO, 7)

Louis over Fitzsimmons (TKO, 10)

Marciano over Baer (TKO, 13)

Jeffries over Ali (D)

The Great John L. had made it through the 1st elimination with a decision over James J. Braddock, but fell to the meat grinder, Jack Dempsey, in the quarter finals. The computer allowed the old bare-knuckle champ to get in a couple of good licks in the 3rd and 6th rounds, but Dempsey's windmill fists ended it in round 7.

Muhammad Ali, the most contemporary of the group, also fell in the 2nd go-round. He was outpointed by Jim Jeffries, an attacker and a hitter with a good defense, who had KO'd Jersey Joe Walcott in the 1st round pairings. A strong, well-proportioned fighter, Jeffries fought at around 220 lbs. He had got his early training as a sparring partner for Jim Corbett. Utilizing the much imitated "Jeffries Crouch," he KO'd Bob Fitzsimmons for the title in 1899, retired for awhile, then tried a comeback and was decked by Jack Johnson in 1910. A man of fierce determination, it may have been Jeffries' staying power and strong finishes that convinced the computer he could catch the darting Ali. Muhammad received severe punishment to the body in the 9th and took a count.

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