Boxing Simulation All-Time Heavyweight Champion Part 5 Dempsey v. Marciano

About a computer simulation ran in 1967 to determine the all-time heavyweight championship boxer of the world, the championship round between Jack Dempsey and Rocky Marciano.

The All-Time Heavyweight Championship of the World

Round 1: Dempsey took the 1st stanza on crowding body shots and quick counters that brought some blood to Rocky's mouth as the round ended. (Round: Dempsey)

Round 2: Dempsey continued to work on Marciano's body with hooking rights under the heart. Rocky got in a rip to the mid-section but took a hard left-right combination that had him grabbing for a clinch. A straight right to the head by Dempsey and Marciano was bleeding again, this time from the nose. Rocky ignored it and the 2 fighters got into a toe-to-toe street brawl, connecting furiously with little attempt at defense. A right to the head made Dempsey stumble but Jack landed more and Rocky was bleeding badly as the round ended. (Round: Dempsey)

Round 3: Marciano opened up on Dempsey's head with combinations and floored the Mauler with an explosive right. After the mandatory 8 count, Dempsey moved in close to nullify Marciano's brutal attack and scored with a solid left as they parted. Again, they squared up and traded head shots, neither man willing to give an inch. (Round: Marciano)

Round 4: The fighters took turns snapping necks in this round, demonstrating their ability to take punishment. (Round: even)

Round 5: The pace began to tell. Marciano shook Dempsey with hooks to the head and the Mauler countered with a right under the heart that got to Rocky. Marciano demonstrated his nonstop punching technique, flailing away with both hands at Dempsey's chest and head. Dempsey concentrated on Marciano's body in the exchange. (Round: even)

Round 6: Dempsey mounted a fierce attack scoring with a left to the body and right to the head, but received a hard left to the mouth and a jolting uppercut by Marciano. Rocky went into a deep crouch, bobbing and weaving, and Dempsey followed suit. Jack whipped both fists to the body and was straightened up by Rocky's right. Dempsey's weaving, jerking motion made Rocky miss and Jack got in a good left before the round ended. (Round: even)

Round 7: Dempsey dominated the 7th with quick, explosive combinations fired from his weaving crouch. A left to the mouth slowed Rocky and a series of lefts and rights to the head jolted him. (Round: Dempsey)

Round 8: Marciano came back strong making Dempsey miss and shocking him with body smashes. Rocky tied Jack up and scored with both hands after the break. Then Jack missed a left over the head and Rocky leaped in with a left and right to the jaw and Dempsey went down. He took a 9 count sitting in the middle of the ring then leaped up and challenged the Brockton Blockbuster toe-to-toe, both men pumping hooks at each other as fast as their arms would move. (Round: Marciano)

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