Boxing Simulation All-Time Heavyweight Champion Part 6 Dempsey v. Marciano

About a computer simulation ran in 1967 to determine the all-time heavyweight championship boxer of the world, the championship round between Jack Dempsey and Rocky Marciano.

The All-Time Heavyweight Championship of the World

Round 9: Rocky dominated the tiring Dempsey almost completely in this round. Dempsey, trying to rush in after a break, received jolting hooks under the heart and a left to the head that drove him back. A left hook to the mouth, a straight right smash, and another vicious left, and Dempsey went down for the 3rd time. Up at 9, he was checked by Referee Goldstein, then flew back at Marciano, giving as much as he received as the round concluded. (Round: Marciano)

Round 10: Rocky landed good combinations to the head and received straight lefts to chin and body. The fighters' faces were lumped and pulpy from the punishment received. Marciano whipped an explosive right to the body and followed with a left to the chin and a brutal right uppercut that put Dempsey down a 4th time. Jack got up more slowly this time and weathered Rocky's attack until the bell. (Round: Marciano)

Round 11: Dempsey found his 2nd wind and took the fight to Marciano, sidestepping Rock's attack and shooting lefts that brought a flow of blood from Marciano's nose. Dempsey ripped another left hook and Marciano went into a bob and weave, blood streaming from his face. The fighters exchanged good body shots and Dempsey landed a slashing left and right at the bell. (Round: even)

Round 12: After having absorbed brutal punishment all through the fight, Dempsey seemed to take charge of the battered Marciano in this round. Marciano, always bulling forward, was staggered with 2 exploding shots to the mouth. A Dempsey hook to the head had Rocky hanging on. Dempsey rushed to the kill, scoring with a left, but Rocky managed to tie him up. Jack broke and swung a left-right-left to Rock's jaw. But the Brockton Blockbuster would not go down. He took everything Jack could throw and survived the round. (Round: Dempsey)

Round 13: Dempsey charged in for the kill but Rocky had revived and met him with a left hook to the head. Dempsey was stunned and on the defensive as Rocky whipped a flashing left and right to the mouth. Dempsey threw a left hook but Marciano countered with a head-rattling right to the point of the chin and Dempsey went down again. After a mandatory 8 count, Jack rose to his feet and tried to fight back but Marciano was too strong, too determined. The Rock charged like a wild animal, smashing body blows and straightening Dempsey up with rights. Dempsey had to fight furiously to ward off the charging Rocky's flurry of rights and lefts to the head. Rocky continued to batter through Dempsey's defenses. Another buzz saw of brutal combinations to the head and jaw put the Manassa Mauler down and out.

Winner: Marciano, by a KO at 2:28 of the 13th round. Dempsey had been floored 6 times, Marciano none.

Aftermath: As the real Marciano accepted the $10,000 belt in Los Angeles, he paid tribute to his transistorized rival. "He was always my idol. I copied everything from him," said Rocky. Dempsey just shrugged and said "It's only a computer."

"All we've really done is start more arguments," Murry Woroner admitted.


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