Boxing Simulation All-Time Middleweight Champion Part 1 History

About a computer simulation ran to determine the all-time middleweight championship boxer of the world, history and information behind the event and the boxers involved.

The All-Time Middleweight Championship of the World

Spurred by the success of his All-Time Heavyweight Boxing Tournament, staged via computer in 1967, Promoter Murry Woroner came back the following year with an All-Time Middleweight elimination that promised to answer some intriguing questions.

How good was Stanley Ketchel, the "Michigan Assassin," who had been called the greatest middleweight of all time? Who was Norman Selby, the mysterious persona behind the legend called "Kid McCoy"? What would the computer make of Marcel Cerdan, the Tiger of Casablanca, or Sugar Ray Robinson, the only man to win the middleweight title 5 times? Could Harry Greb take Tony Zale?

Sensing a winner, the Ford Motor Co. bought the series for some 500 radio stations, paying $500,000 for the privilege. Twelve one-minute commercials were guaranteed for each fight and a nationwide "Pick the Winners" contest was set up for the listeners, with a grand prize for the national winner.

The boxers nominated for the eliminations were selected through a poll of sports experts and paired by 3 men with impeccable ring credentials, Nat Fleischer, editor of The Ring magazine, and Chris and Angelo Dundee, well-known managers and trainers.

As in the heavyweight tournament, punch-by-punch data on all fights from their 5 best years were fed into an NCR-315 computer, along with a rating on each of 129 variables such as speed, courage, agility, killer instinct, and ability to give and take various punches. Fight results were printed out by the computer and the round-by-round action re-created by ring announcer Guy LeBow, with authentic sound effects simulating an actual broadcast.

The Preliminaries

Carmen Basilio v. Marcel Cerdan

Emile Griffith v. Kid McCoy

Gene Fullmer v. Stanley Ketchel

Tiger Flowers v. Rocky Graziano

Jack "Nonpareil" Dempsey v. Sugar Ray Robinson

Bob Fitzsimmons v. Jake LaMotta

Mickey Walker v. Dick Tiger

Harry Greb v. Tony Zale

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