Boxing Simulation All-Time Middleweight Champion Part 5 Walker v. Tiger & Greb v. Zale

About a computer simulation ran to determine the all-time middleweight championship boxer of the world, the preliminary round featuring Walker v. Tiger and Greb v. Zale.

The All-Time Middleweight Championship of the World

The Preliminaries


Background: Mickey Walker, "The Toy Bulldog," learned how to fight from the tough itinerants who hung around the freight yard that he lived near as a kid in New Jersey. He loved to take on the big guys and always bragged about his decision over Bearcat Wright, the 280 lb. giant who outweighed Mickey by 120 lbs. Walker also fought to a draw with Jack Sharkey, who won the heavy-weight crown a few months later. "The Toy Bulldog" won the welterweight championship in 1922 and the middleweight prize in 1926, with a decision over Tiger Flowers.

Dick Tiger of Nigeria won the British middleweight title in 1958 and the world title in '62 by defeating Gene Fullmer. In 1966, he moved up to light heavyweight and took the title on a close decision over Jose Torres. In 1967 he squeaked past Torres in a rematch to hold the championship. An aggressive, crouching style marked this clever counterpuncher.

The fight: Mickey Walker's strength and speed held up under the hardest shots Dick Tiger could throw. By the 7th, Walker was bleeding from around both eyes but managed to hurt Tiger in the 8th with a barrage of left hooks and long rights. In the early going of the 9th, Walker flattened the tired Tiger for the count.

Winner: Walker, KO 9.


Background: Henry Greb was one of the greats in his division. He came on like a windmill, flailing both fists incessantly at his opponent. He was smart and fast and his ring mastery enabled him to be the only fighter ever to defeat Gene Tunney. The victory gave him the vacant light-heavyweight title but he lost it to Tunney in 1923. It wasn't too long before he grabbed the middleweight championship from Johnny Wilson. He held it until 1926.

Tony Zale, a tough steelworker from Gary, Ind., took the middle title in 1941. He loved to mix it up and proved it in an incredible series of bouts with Rocky Graziano. A durable, aggressive body puncher, Zale retired after losing his title to Marcel Cerdan and never fought again.

The fight: Greb outpointed Zale in every round. He stunned him in the 7th, after Zale had opened a gash over his eye, and continued his 2-fisted, whirling attack into the 14th round. At the opening bell, he charged out and floored Zale with a right. Tony got up once but was flattened immediately.

Winner: Greb, KO 14.

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