Brad Steiger Weird Trivia and Bizarre Events

Some weird trivia and bizarre events catalogued by Brad Steiger including the mystery of the ancient sandal, ufo, and grand canyon.


1. The Mysterious 3 cent Piece. "In Autumn of 1956, just a few weeks after our marriage, my wife was walking across the bedroom floor of our apartment when she suddenly complained that something was in her shoe, and shook out not a pebble nor a bead, but an 1852 silver 3 cent piece."

2. The Ancient Sandal Prints. In Antelope Springs, U., in 1968, fossilized sandal prints were discovered. "One print had a squashed trilobite embedded in it. According to paleontology, this would indicate that someone was walking about in sandals more than 500 million years before man is supposed to have evolved."

3. The Aged Stones. "Off the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. are over 50 sites composed of megalithic blocks of stone at least 10,000 years old." There is speculation that these blocks may be remnants of the lost continent of Atlantis.

4. The Half-Million-Year-Old "Spark Plug." An object was found in the Cosco Mountains of California which had a striking resemblance to an everyday spark plug. "According to a geologist who viewed the encrustation of fossil shells that enveloped it, the object would have to be at least 500,000 years old."

5. The Unexplained TV Image. "The image of a hand was photographed as it appeared on the screen of a television set on Christmas Eve, 1968. One catch, however; the set was unplugged at the time."

6. The Grand Canyon Mystery. "A man was photographed leaning over the brim of the Grand Canyon--7 years before the actually visited the site. The camera he would buy in 1955 is clearly visible in the film exposed in 1948."

7. A Visit to a UFO. In 1968, a patient in a Honolulu hospital was confined to his bed, with pins through his tibiae and femurs. Although he could not move, he informed a hospital orderly that he would leave the hospital for an hour that evening to visit friends on a UFO. "At bed check that evening the patient was found to have disappeared, leaving the metal traction pins on his bed. Military policemen made an extensive search of the hospital and the surrounding grounds but failed to produce any trace of the supposedly immobile man. When next the patient's room was checked, he was once again lying in traction, the pins back in place. He explained that he had been with his otherworldly friends, just as he had told the young orderly he would be."

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