Bulgaria: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Brazil including the economy, birthplace of Spartacus, and quality of cigarettes.



The growth rate of Bulgaria's economy in postwar years has been and remains one of the world's highest. Whereas before W.W.II most people were peasant farmers, now 30% work in industry and only 35% work the land. Rapid urbanization has brought half of the people to the cities, where factories are located.

Bulgaria is a Soviet-style police state which discourages deviant political belief and "bourgeois" personal mannerisms by its relentless propaganda, its alert secret police, and its disciplined mass organizations (unions, guilds, youth groups, farm brigades, etc.) to which citizens are encouraged to belong. Freedom of the press and of expression is unknown, nor has it ever been known in Bulgaria in its Western form. Travel outside Bulgaria is restricted to party elite.

In recent years Bulgarian leaders have shown concern over the restlessness of young people, who are attracted to Western bourgeois styles, and over the disquiet of the rigidly controlled artists and writers.

Spartacus, leader of the most famous slave revolt in ancient Rome, was born in the territory that is now Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is known for its excellent cigarettes, which compare favorably with Western cigarettes.

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