Burundi: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Burma including the Hutu and Tutsi tribes, and the age of the population.



The tribal wars in Burundi, Hutu against Tutsi, have, in the past 3 years, reached alarming proportions. In 1972, the Government of Burundi, led by the Watutsi extremist Michel Micombero, conducted an orderly, systematic, methodical massacre of the Hutu elite, wiping out almost all of the Hutu who might offer resistance to the Tutsi Government. A "list" of educated, wealthy, or government-employed Hutu citizens served as a guideline for the Micombero government assassins, who killed 100,000 Hutu in the 1st 6 weeks of their slaughter. The Hutus have now been effectively reduced to 2nd-class citizens and are excluded from the army, the civil service, the university and secondary schools.

The Mwami (Tutsi King) of Burundi, at the time of independence, was Mwambutsa IV, an intelligent, fair-minded, and easygoing man. He did what he could for peace and equality in Burundi, but his efforts finally collapsed in 1966 when he was deposed by his son, Crown Prince Charles, who declared himself Mwami Ntare V. Mwambutsa went into exile; 3 months later, he was joined by his son, now dethroned by his Premier, Michel Micombero. Together they lived, father and son, both mwamis-in-exile, in luxury and comfort, in Mwambutsa's elegant and fashionable Geneva home. In 1972 Ntare, promised a safe-conduct pass by Micombero, visited his homeland. He was executed.

Fifty-one percent of the population is 14 years old or younger.

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