Business in the U.S. Odd & Bizarre Jobs: Fantasy Broker

About odd jobs and bizarre ways to make a living in the United States, being a fantasy broker.

Unusual Ways of Making a Living

Fantasy Broker: A postal clerk wants to be a stand-up comedian for one night. A businessman wants to drive a freight train across a western State. A psychiatrist wants 20 dates on 20 weekends with 20 girls from 20 different countries. How do they do it? They see a fantasy broker whose business is making dreams come true. Originally pioneered in Chicago by an advertising executive, fantasy firms in several cities now do a booming business, charging from $150 to thousands to turn dreams into reality. Fantasy Fulfillment Institute in Washington, D.C., did $2,500 worth of business as a result of an ad that read:

You can do anything you a formula race car, ride a camel down Pennsylvania Avenue at 3 P.M., live in a ghost town, float down the Potomac on a magnificent barge with one hundred slaves, or kiss a buffalo.

Fantasy Fulfillment's manager, an ex-insurance salesman, sees a big future in fantasy. "Why not? Look at all the money people spend on cars that make them brutally handsome, aftershaves that make them karate experts, clothes that make them girlish and thin. Why not cut out the middleman and sell directly to the buyer--original fantasies in the factory cartons?"

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