Business in the U.S. Odd & Bizarre Jobs: Introduction

An introduction to a list of odd and bizarre jobs one could do to make a living in the United States.

Unusual Ways of Making a Living

"Blessed is he who has found his work."

--Thomas Carlyle

Doctor, lawyer, or Indian chief? There are alternative ways to earn the daily bread. Writing "shepherd" in the occupation blank on your income tax form may seem silly, but one Colorado woman does just that. Whether you're a young graduate in search of fame and fortune, a wealthy executive in search of a new life-style, or simply someone in search of a little extra cash and fun, this sampler of unusual occupations is guaranteed to kindle your imagination.

Some jobs are unusual because of who's doing them. Female pilots and male airline stewards were once a rarity, but as sex roles change, even the most sex-biased occupations change. Spain recently admitted its 1st professional lady bull-fighter (a blonde) into the bullfighters' union. In 1972, the Jewish synod ordained the world's 1st woman rabbi. And one of America's most traditional types--the solitary truck-driving man--may soon be an endangered species; there are now over a thousand husband-and-wife trucking teams rolling down the nation's highways.

Still thinking doctor, lawyer, or Indian chief? If you're dissatisfied with your work--if you're sweating through school or bored with your 9-to-5 desk job--then maybe it's time to think butcher, baker, or candlestick maker instead. It's never too late to earn big money and be the envy of your friends. You might have more fun, too.

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