Business in the U.S. Odd & Bizarre Jobs: Street Vendor

About odd jobs and bizarre ways to make a living in the United States, being a street vendor.

Unusual Ways of Making a Living

Street Vendor: Every American city has street peddlers, ranging from old men selling frank-furters to young blue-jean-clad craftsmen selling macrame belts. The range of profits and products is enormous; one California pretzel salesman averages $10 per day, while a leather-goods salesman only one block away averages $250 per weekend. Peddling is ideal for struggling artists and craftsmen. A Berkeley jewelry-maker enthused, "I should have done this years ago. I don't have to give half the profits to some big business store just for selling my stuff. I work when I want and sell when I want, and I'm never bored out here." All vendors must be licensed, so call the local license bureau before setting up business.

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