Buying and Selling Collectibles: Comic Books

About the hobby of collecting, buying, and selling old and used items for fun and profit, in this case comic books.

Comic Books. If you were a kid back in the '30s, one of the biggest events of your life was publication of volume one, number one of Action Comics. It hit the stands in 1938 and within a few days was sold out, bought up by crowds of eager readers. The 1st comic of its kind, it was packed with slambang adventure stories. Everybody's superhero, Superman, made his debut in Action Comics. There he was on the cover of the 1st issue, hoisting a car over his head like a toy, while bystanders stood about struck with awe. Inside was the story of how he got that way. Thousands of copies of Action Comics were sold, at 10cent a toss, but only 9 are known to be in existence today. The remainder fell victim, like many another collectible, to heavy handling and spring cleaning. Those 9 are valued at around $2,000 each. The most recent sale was for $1,801.26. A 10th could be lurking somewhere, in a box of junk that never got discarded, or in the back of an old high school locker.

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