Buying and Selling Collectibles: Disney Items

About the hobby of collecting, buying, and selling old and used items for fun and profit, in this case disney items.

Disney Items. In 1928 the 1st animated cartoon with a sound track was produced. Called Steamboat Willie, it put both its creator (Walt Disney) and star (Mickey Mouse) on the road to fame and fortune. Mickey took the country by storm, not only in movie theaters but in variety stores, drugstores, and everywhere else. Products of all sorts sported his name and likeness: tea services, toothbrushes, jewelry sets, sterling silver tableware, dolls, handbags, windup toys, books, comics, schoolbags, pencils, pens, sweat shirts, beany caps. And wrist-watches. The acknowledged king of nostalgia is the original "1st edition" of Ingersoll's Mickey Mouse watch, made in 1932. It's been advertised for as much as $750. But this isn't the only valuable Mickey Mouse watch. Any specimen from the '30s in good working order brings a minimum of $100. Early Donald Duck watches have sold as high as $350; so have Big Bad Wolf watches (another Disney character). The Big Bad Wolf watch sold originally at $3.50, in 1937. It, too, was made by Ingersoll.

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