Buying and Selling Collectibles: Political Paraphenalia

About the hobby of collecting, buying, and selling old and used items for fun and profit, in this case political paraphenalia.

Political Ephemera and Paraphenalia. Did you wonder, back in '72, if McGovern-Eagleton buttons would ever be collectors' items? There was good cause to wonder, as collecting campaign buttons and other political memorabilia has become a popular hobby. On top of the heap is the 1920 Cox/Roosevelt button. That was FDR, 2nd on the ticket, running for Vice-President and losing. A button collector will pay $350 or more for it. Other rare and valuable buttons, in the $75-$100 category, are the 1924 Davis/Bryan, 1928 Smith/Robinson, 1928 Hoover/Curtis, Celluloid buttons came along in 1896, the year McKinley defeated Bryan (but the Bryan buttons are worth twice as much as McKinley's). What about Lincoln? In Lincoln's day, ribbons and fancy brooches were the thing. Several Lincoln ribbons were made, and now are worth $150 to $250. Some fairly recent buttons have value: $15 and up for 1948 Truman/Barkley, $20 for Dewey/Bricker. So far, post 1948 specimens aren't drawing much interest. The "Come Home America" McGovern/Eagletons are now seling at $2.50. Many bogus McGovern/Eagleton buttons exist.

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