Cameroon: Location, History, Size, Population, & Government

About the location, history, size, population, and government in the country of Cameroon.



Location--In West Central Africa, with a 125-mi. coastline on the Gulf of Guinea. The northern tip of the country touches Lake Chad; to the west, Nigeria; to the east, Central African Republic and Chad; to the south and east, Congo; to the south, Rio Muni and Gabbon.

How Created--The original colony was established by the Germans in 1884, through treaties with tribal chiefs. A W.W.I League of Nations Mandate put 80% of the country under French control, 20% under British control. The present Cameroon is a federation of French Cameroon with the south region of British Cameroon.

Size--183,568 sq. mi. (475,441

Population--6,300,000: more than 100 different ethnic groups; Bamileks, 26%; Fulani, 6% ; Bassa, 3.5%; Bulu and Tanga, 3% Eton, 2.5%; Ewondo, 2% Bamoun, 1.5%; others, 55.5%. 53% Animist, 20% Roman Catholic, 15% Protestant and other Christian, 12% Muslim.

Who Rules--The National Assembly has 120 members, serving 5-year terms. The President and Vice-President, elected for 5-year terms, must, by law, come from different provinces. The Cameroon Government provides for the preservation of traditional chiefdoms, and local power is still in the hands of traditional elders. National elections are held with universal adult suffrage.

Who REALLY Rules--For funds to support industry and development programs, Cameroon must rely upon France, the World Bank, the U.S., and the Netherlands. An international consortium has built an aluminum smelting plant, and millions of U.S. dollars have been put into the Alucam industrial complex.

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