Cameroon: Random Facts and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia for the country of the world Cameroon including treatment of women, rainfall, origin of the name, slums described.



The name "Cameroon" comes from the Portuguese word cameroes, the word for the delicious edible prawns found in the waters of Cameroon's Wouri River.

Debundscha, the wettest place in Africa, has a yearly rainfall of over 400". The southern part of the country is grassy plain and humid rain forest, where the red-purple orchid lissochilus grows to 15'. The center of the country is dry savanna, and the north is semiarid desert.

Dwindling tribes of Pygmies live in the remote forests, and still communicate with one another through a highly advanced language of drumming on logs.

Tribal women in Cameroon are uneducated, and considered "merchandise" in the Arab-dominated tribes. The "bride price" is still included in the legal marriage certificate; widows must be bought back by their families, or inherited by their husband's kin. The Government is trying to institute changes in the attitude toward women through legislation.

The slums of Cameroon's cities stretch out for miles, row upon row of one-room cement block houses, projects built hastily to meet the growing need for cheap housing created by the migration of rural tribespeople coming to the cities. Seeking work they rarely find, newcomers to the city add to the housing shortage and acute unemployment; masses of Cameroon's citizens live in idle poverty in the nation's cities.

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