Cause of the War of Jenkins' Ear Between England and Spain

About the cause of the War of Jenkins' Ear between England and Spain which was set off 7 years after Jenkin's ear was cut off.

YEAR: 1739

WAR: War of Jenkins' Ear

PLACE: Europe and Atlantic Ocean

OPPONENTS: England v. Spain

PROVOCATION: Returning from West Indies in 1731, Capt. Robert Jenkins' Brig, Rebecca, was stopped, boarded by Spanish coast guards outside Havana. After rifling holds, the Spanish commander cut off Jenkins' ear. In London, the one-eared Jenkins protested to the King, displaying a leather case holding the ear. No action taken. Seven years later, incident was related before a House of Commons committee, and the encased ear passed around. Indignation. Headlines. Jenkins a martyr. Using his ear as an excuse (but with its real motive a takeover of the West Indies), England declared war on Spain.

RESULT: War merged with War of Austrian Succession (1740-1748), with England and Austria aligned against Spain and Prussia. Peace treaty at Aachen. Ended in a draw, with England holding mastery of seas, Spain losing almost nothing on land. Jenkins? He wound up a supervisor for the East India Company on Isle of St. Helena.

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